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Born Poughkeepsie, NY 1959

Graduated BA from St. Olaf College, Northfield MN 1981


1981 first trips in Asia: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Burma, and Mainland China.

I Begin to consider what being a ‘human’ means and seeking ‘humaneness’ in cultures new to me. Travel allows for an assessment of common aspects to human experience.


1982-1987 Minneapolis.

Participating in Theater, film, and music industries. Work painting murals, interior design, advertising and scene painting.


Travel to Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Java, and Bali.


Learning about work and self and then exploring how to translate a paucity of life experience into art.


1987-1995 Moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Some time teaching English at Chiang Mai University, Then opened ‘The Six Pole House’ -- a restaurant and cultural center for arts and music. Some work as an illustrator, portrait artist, and muralist. Travel to Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Israel and Egypt.


Learning new languages and thus new ways to view personal experience. Integrating Thai/Asian culture and forms into my work. Heavily influenced by realism and by Thai culture.


1995-97 Moved to Bali, Indonesia.

Worked illustrating books on Indonesian architecture, culture and wildlife, in graphic design, and portraiture.


Responding to Balinese culture which is deeply connected with Hindu myths and cosmology. Work is affected by the forms of dance, the landscape, and Balinese artists. Illustrating using hyper-realism prompts a drift in personal style towards abstraction and gesture.

1997-99 Moved to Singapore.

Created costumes for the Government of Singapore, Mural work, graphic design, portraiture, and art restoration. 


Struggling to make a living as an artist. Singapore’s uber-commercial culture leaves me exhausted for ideas.


1999 moved to Poughkeepsie, NY.

Work painting murals, faux finishes, portraits, and graphic design.


Travel to Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Italy, England, Ireland, and Russia.


No studio work until 2008.

US culture rekindles thoughts about being human in a modern world. I begin to consider the implications of isolation, information manipulation, and restrictions on spirit and body that Americans experience - often    

unawares. In 2009 I began periodic retreats to Bali to work on composition and content for new work.


2014 Moved to Rhinebeck NY. New studio work incorporating conclusions from previous periods of thought.

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