The Space Between


My paintings are a bit like poetry, forming a visual rhyme made of parts assembled into a larger whole whose meaning is found partly within the ‘space between the lines’… or in my case - between the images I place on the canvas.


I find the most interesting topics are hard to speak to directly.  There seems to be two ways of approaching a canvas: abstraction to convey emotion, energy and beauty (but not specific meaning), or realism which is literal, but struggles to convey emotion or dynamism. It has taken me 30 years to locate the balance needed to speak my mind; the space between abstraction and realism.


During those 30 years I traveled widely with an eye towards observing the situation we face as people in transition from traditional life into today’s modern world. We humans are going through a radical change - from being a natural animal to one immersed in the abstractions of data which isolate us from the rhythms of our environment. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how we might figure out - as thinking spirit-beings - how respond to this ’new’ world.  How do we retain a sense of mystery, of wonder, of magic in the face of ‘data’? Indeed how do we determine if it is even necessary do so? 


So I intersperse within my work elements that speak to what it means to be human, to walk on today’s earth, to wonder about ‘it all’, and to the divine cosmic stuff that we all share and seek to understand.  I use these elements as points of reference in my abstracted dream-like compositions. These are the stanzas in my ‘poems’ and are dedicated to us - as human beings. 


I’ll admit I like to create attractive compositions and then tease you, the viewer, with enough of a riddle to draw you in and ask you to figure out what’s going on… to place you into ‘the space between’ within which to wander and wonder about the curious paintings I have made for you. Then you get to color the ‘poem’ a bit with your own personal interpretation. 


(P.S. To make the experience more interesting, most of my paintings have a corresponding poem to give you a sense of what I’m thinking as a point of departure.)